the new architecture is MSA

MSA is the New Zealand company designing and manufacturing the new architecture, with new standards and new thinking.  
No compromise.

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Human Centred Design: 
We put you and your needs central from the get-go so that we could create a house that gives you time to live your best life. That means a home with minimal maintenance, maximal efficient design, innovative engineering and no planet harmed so you can have peace of mind as well.


Product focussed innovation:
This means re-thinking and reconsidering a product in it's entirety; which is what we did with housing. We redesigned the modern home, from scratch, with clever engineering and integrated electronics, plumbing, a smart automation system, and even your own energy. The result is a new architecture, MSA.

designed for maximal use, maximal lifespan, maximal fun, minimal work and zero damage
— msa

Ethics Centred Design: 
Is how we guide our way of working. It is formed from our beliefs that
everything we do, we must strive to do no harm to people or planet.
No compromise.


Ethics Centred Business:
MSA believes that investing in people is how we create the best for everyone. ECB is our guide for working together. We invest and offer opportunities that create the most joyful experience for all of us. 
No compromise.

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