MSA has focussed on great attention to details, health aspects, climate, living comfort and spacial design. You can read more here about all that here.


MSA style is minimal and functional, offering calm and peace, a haven in an otherwise complex and busy world. MSA homes aspire to connect with the outdoors bringing beauty or nature right into the home if desired, but still giving you all the control. The MSA home provides the opportunity to connect with the elements, experience the changing weather patterns and natural (or created) surroundings like never before within the comfort and warmth of your own home. Not just watching it through a framed window, but enjoying the sensation of being immersed in it, whilst retaining the control to block it out. The heavy triple glazing will block almost all sound from the outside and the insulated double glazed internal walls will sound proof any room from the rest of the house, allowing absolute quiet or undisturbed audio enjoyment of your favourite artist, movie, TV or one of the many sound moods provided by the home automation system such as: wind, rain, ocean, birdsong etc. Or go natural and open everything up to enjoy the natural sounds from outside or the laughter of children.
It’s all at your (touch/voice) control. The new normal.



Our houses are humidity sealed allowing no unwanted moisture or condensation and provide conditioned and highly filtered air at your control, so they’re warm and dry. MSA homes are mould, toxin and allergy-free zones and as such are the most suitable homes available for people afflicted with hay fever and respiratory problems such as asthma etc. The air inside will be healthier than the air outside. They are exceptionally well insulated with triple glazing and double wool ceiling and floor insulation. The concrete floor is elevated from the ground on piles and can be warmed by free solar heat transfer. Concrete is an effective material for holding heat (or cold) especially when it’s well insulated. The house will possibly require no other heating for the most part. Humidity and temperature can be controlled and monitored for individual rooms providing the most comfortable and personalised environment possible. All forced air is fresh from outside, there is no recycled air. Energy is saved with a state-of-the-art heat recovery system that transfers heat (or cold) from the outgoing stale air to the fresh incoming air. Low volume vents on each side of the bed/s provide controlled cooled air to simulate that of an opened window, and thus conserve the ambient warmth in the bedroom or house generally. This is the new normal. 

Chilled water on tap can be provided on each side of the bed, satisfying that much desired pure cool water without having to traipse to the kitchen.

Of course, you can also open everything up to the outside, much more so than other homes with very large double doors (3M x 3M opening) and disappearing exterior walls or multiple walls (patent pending) providing the ultimate in indoor/outdoor living.

More time

An MSA home offers more financial freedom and gives you more time. MSA are dedicated to providing low cost high value homes without compromising quality. The MSA home is maintenance free, no more expensive plumbing bills, house painting or roof repairs etc. Never again will you get a power bill or water charges. The savings easily allow you to invest in an electric vehicle (EV) and never again will you have to pay for petrol, and vehicle maintenance costs will be far less than petrol cars. You will have more time for the things that really matter. Zero maintenance, self-cleaning surfaces and automated functions free your time for the fun things in life. This is living in the 21st century – the new normal.

Future thinking

MSA welcome you to living in the 21st century. Through innovation and investment, we are dedicated to improving the quality of homes and the quality of living for people now and future generations. All MSA homes are designed for sustainability in more ways than one: timeless design, durability and affordability. We believe our homes will stand the test of time, function and look as good in the future as they do now.

MSA homes are future-proofed, timeless architecture, designed for easy and inexpensive upgrades, add-ons, extensions, and because they are easily transportable, trade-ins. The new normal; welcome to the future. 

Environmental recap:
MSA is the first house (possibly the first building) in the world to be 100% sustainable in all respects ie.:

99.9% of materials are sourced from sustainable resources
Building materials are 99.9% recyclable forever by natural or artificial means
Net zero - the house is carbon and energy neutral
The house is self-sustaining for energy and water
The house produces zero building waste
Except for metals and glass, the house recycles 100% ongoing waste (including effluent, plastics and paper)
The house emits zero toxicity and pollutants
The house is maintenance free, allowing zero ongoing environmental impact
All walls are self-cleaning reducing cleaning agents to a tiny fraction of what’s normal.