Concept Warkworth
90 sqm 2 bedroom home (or 125 sqm with double basement garaging)
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The brief was to develop a special sub-division, one that enhances the quality of life for all of its occupants, whist maintaining affordability to any home buyer. The subdivision had to accommodate a range of buyers and houses, from low cost to very expensive. The affordable homes had to fit in and not appear to be cheaper. This could only be achieved with small, highly spec'd houses. These small houses still had to provide a feeling of spaciousness and achieve architectural integrity. All include the important MSA standard features such as:

Triple Glasing: Hidden stainless steel framing, Ultra-clear, argon filled, Low-E treatment and self-cleaning glass.

Home automation.

High Stud (2.8M) providing a very spacious feel with that typical MSA indoor/outdoor living.

En-suite bathrooms in both bedrooms, including bath-tubs.

Generous decking and space for a future pool.

Designed to add a third bedroom module easily and affordably.

Ample free energy from solar panels. 

Project details:
Client: Private
Area: 90 sqm
Architecture: Karl Rusher
Engineering and Automation: Team MSA
Construction: MSA

Disclaimer: All images and scenes may be conceptual or based on current development plans.