Project Paritai
300 sqm Urban Home on 200 sqm section
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Style: Contemporary urban luxury home

Architecture: 100% Clear glass exterior. 

Engineering: The exterior glass shades can be operated individually or as a whole enclosing the entire house to provide privacy.

Nature: It boasts a unique central aquarium that is visible from nearly every room in the house, flooding the house with water filtered aquamarine light.

Internal Stairs: The stairs from the ground floor to the first floor run up through the middle of the aquarium.

Flexibility: It has a four car subterranean garage accessed below the water feature at the front of the house.

Minimalism: All the doors are automated; there are no door handles.

Project details:
Area: 300 sqm
Architecture: Karl Rusher
Engineering and Automation: Team MSA
Construction: MSA

Disclaimer: All images and scenes may be conceptual or based on current development plans.