The next big thing in design is circular.

The IDEO team and The Ellen McArthur Foundation have created a website to explain how the circular ecomony works to enable businesses to adopt this system. In the video below, Tim Brown the CEO of IDEO explains briefly how the circular economy and circular design works and why it is such an exciting time to be a designer and entrepreneur.


Sustainability is the possibility that humans
and other life will flourish on Earth forever
— Flourishing, 2013

We're inspired by the book Flourishing: A Frank Conversation about Sustainability

"This book invites you into a conversation between a teacher, John R. Ehrenfeld, and his former student now professor, Andrew J. Hoffman, as they discuss how to create a sustainable world. Unlike virtually all other books about sustainability, this one goes beyond the typical stories that we tell ourselves about repairing the environmental damages of human progress."  2013, Stanford Business Books

If you'd like to know more we invite you to go to John Ehrenfeld's website, Flourishing by Design.