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new thinking

MSA is a New Zealand company designing and manufacturing a new architecture, with new thinking.

Companies get comfortable doing what they have always done, with a few incremental changes. This kind of incrementalism leads to irrelevance over time...because change tends to be revolutionary, not evolutionary.”
— Larry Page, Google Founder



Ethics Centred Design:  is how we guide our way of product creation. 
No compromise

These are our guiding beliefs:

Do no harm (period)
Do good, improve the planet and lives of people
Protecting the future of humanity through protecting the planet.
Creativity is the human x-factor.
Collaboration over competition.
Never design for 'planned redundancy'
Seek, explore and always continue to learn.
Open source sharing is cool.
Be idealistic and be grateful.
Be courageous and daring. Innovate.
We believe in the promise of the Declaration of Human Rights,

Being here and now is wondrous and an incredible gift. Don't waste it.





Ethics Centred Business: is how we work together with our customers, community and MSA team.
No. compromise

These are our guiding beliefs:

People - all - over profit, always.
Opportunities, not jobs. 
Thrive and flourish are the keys to success.
Happiness is a Human Right.
Fun is a human need.
Creativity is the human x-factor.
Community over corporation.
Listen to each other and be kind.
Be authentically yourself.
Keep dreaming.

We believe in the promise of the Declaration of Human Rights.


A sustainable world means working together to create prosperity for all.
— Jacqueline Novogratz
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If it doesn’t meet its objectives, it doesn’t exist, or it exists as something entirely different
— Karl Rusher


Team MSA consists of a group of highly talented and motivated individuals with a blend of knowledge, creativity and skills who are making the best possible and exciting architecture happen. We love the challenges, the problem solving and are excited about the future of MSA. Here we profile some of our key team members.

MSA is headed by Karl Rusher 

Karl is an engineer, entrepreneur and founder of MSA. He has over three decades of experience in Industrial Design, Business Management: Mechanical, Production, Automation and Industrial Engineering. His strengths are in Innovation, Product Design and Development, Start-ups and Technology based Ventures. Karl is passionate, creative and solutions focussed which has led to significant innovations in many different fields. He has maximised these skills to create the MSA paradigm and vision. Karl has an MBA from Auckland University and Applied Engineering from Auckland University of Technology.

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Paul Jaquin
PhD, MEng

Certified Senior Structural Engineer
Paul is a Senior Structural and Geotechnical engineer. He comes with a wealth of experience in structural steel & reinforced concrete buildings, civil engineering, ground technologies, and the use of sustainable building materials.  Every challenge MSA presents, and there are many, is merely an opportunity for Paul to engage his creative and solution focussed thinking.
David Cole
Registered Architect (New Zealand Architects’ Act 2005)
Senior Architect
David has a wealth of experience in architecture having worked for many years at major architecture firms in New Zealand. He brings this knowledge and experience to MSA for technical support, architectural detailing and meeting council compliance issues. 

Joanna Rusher
BBA (IHM), BA, PgDipSci
CCO - chief communications officer and director.

As director and Chief Communications Officer Joanna focusses on functional design aspects, social policy, publicity and communications, addressing public health issues in housing and providing historical architecture & design research. Joanna is concurrently working on her doctorate (phd) in public health communications at Auckland University of Technology.
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If you would like to join Team MSA, please send us a brief email with a link to your LinkedIn profile. 
We encourage project managers, mechanical engineers to get in touch with us.