Celebrating pioneers: John B. Goodenough

introducing: John B. Goodenough.

He is known around the world for his pioneering work that led to the invention of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

He identified and developed the critical materials that provided the high-energy density needed to power portable electronics, initiating the wireless revolution. Today, batteries incorporating Goodenough’s cathode materials are used worldwide for mobile phones, power tools, laptops, tablets and other wireless devices, as well as electric and hybrid vehicles.
source: University of Texas at Austin

Many thanks to DSM and their Bright Minds Challenge.

“It’s a journey I’ve been on since the first global oil shortage in the early 1970’s” he says. “As a society, we got lucky back then, through the development of new oil fields from the North Sea to Alaska. But it was obvious to me even then that to sustain our modern lifestyle on this planet, we need to return to a sustainable energy supply: Which is energy delivered to us by the sun.”
— https://www.sciencecanchangetheworld.org/en_US/buzz/the-battery-pioneer.html